About Us

About the Department

  • The Medfield Fire Department provides fire, rescue, and emergency medical services to the town of Medfield, Massachusetts - a community of 12,000 residents.  We respond to approximately 1,200 calls per year - 50% of which are for Emergency Medical Services.


The Medfield Fire Department is staffed by a full time Chief, 8 full time firefighter-EMT's, and 15 on-call firefighters.  2 Firefighter-EMT's are on shift at the station 24/7. The positive vote in the override election on 6/11/18 will increase the shift strength to 3 Firefighters (at least 1 of whom will be a paramedic) during FY 2019.


Medfield Fire is equipped with:

  • 3 Engines
  • 1 Ladder / Quint
  • 2 BLS Ambulances
  • 2 Forestry Trucks
  • 1 Pickup Truck
  • 1 Bucket Truck
  • 1 UTV and 1 ATV with Patient Litter
  • 1 Snowmobile with Patient Sled
  • 2 Boats
  • Air Supply Trailer

The Station

Completed in 2016, a new public safety building was constructed to replace the outdated facility on the same site.  Medfield's police and fire departments continue to work closely together and share the joint station.  

Special thanks to Fire Chief William Kingsbury, Police Chief Robert Meaney and the members of the Permanent Planning and Building Committee for their tireless dedication to this project.

Permanent Planning and Building Committee: 

Fire Chief Transition

Medfield Fire welcomed William C. Carico II in May, 2018 as our new Chief.