Paramedic Service

Medfield Fire Now ALS

As of 11/30/18 Medfield Fire Rescue is operating our ambulance service at the Advanced Life Support level.

Implementation Phase

During the initial upgrade period the Department may continue to intercept with a mutual aid service in certain circumstances, but our paramedics will now be able to promptly initiate Advanced Life Support care at the scene of a medical emergency.

Many Thanks

The Department has many people to thank for their support in our effort to upgrade to the paramedic level, including the residents of Medfield, members of the ALS Study Committee, Representative Shawn Dooley and Representative Denise Garlick, the Medfield Board of Selectmen, Dr. Michael Valkanas and of course our neighboring departments for their mutual aid support over the years.

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

What Is ALS?

Advanced Life Support (ALS) is provided by paramedics who are trained and certified to provide a high level of pre-hospital care including medication administration, cardiac monitoring, airway management / intubation and other life saving skills.

What is the Difference Between BLS/EMT's and ALS/Paramedics?

Emergency Medical Technician's provide basic level care and patient assessment including splinting/bandaging injuries, CPR and Auto External Defibrillator (AED), c-spine management, glucose monitoring, and administration of a few medications such as epinephrine (allergic reaction), albuterol (asthma), narcan (overdose), and aspirin (for possible heart attack) under limited protocols.  EMT-Basics have approximately 150 hours of initial training.  

EMT-Paramedics have over 1100 hours additional classroom training plus 500 hours of clinical and field internship time.  Paramedics administer dozens of medications for a variety of emergent conditions and perform cardiac monitoring via 12-lead EKG, intubate / provide advanced airways, establish IV access and more.

Advanced Life Support Upgrade

The 2018 Annual Town Meeting approved the recommendation to hire 4 firefighter/paramedics and to begin the transition to providing Advanced Life Support service through the Medfield Fire Department.  This effectively added 1 firefighter/paramedic to each shift, and increased the total on duty shift strength from 2 personnel to 3.  On-call firefighters will continue to supplement the full time staff for fire and rescue incidents where needed as they do today.