Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Tour the Station?

We frequently offer tours to school groups and residents.  Please call our business line at 508-359-2323.

How Many Firefighters Does Medfield Have?

We currently have 8 full time firefighter/EMT's and 15 on-call firefighters. 2 Full time personnel are on shift at the station 24/7; On-call personnel are summoned to the station for emergency calls when needed. The positive override vote in the 6/11/18 election will increase shift strength to 3 on duty firefighters, with at least 1 firefighter per shift being a paramedic.  The additional personnel will be hired later in 2018.

Does Medfield Have Paramedics?

Medfield Fire staffs 1 ambulance at the Basic Life Support (BLS/EMT) level.  We are currently reliant on mutual aid from neighboring departments for Advanced Life Support / Paramedic level intercepts when needed after the private regional service discontinued operation. Town Meeting approved the hiring of 4 Firefighter/Paramedics for FY 2019, and the positive override vote on 6/11/18 will now allow the Medfield Fire Department to begin offering ALS service once staffed and equipped.

Can I Burn Brush in my Yard?

Outdoor burning of brush is generally allowed January 15 - April 30 depending on conditions.  A permit from the Fire Department is required and residents must call the station at 508-359-2323 the day they plan to burn brush.

Should I Call the Fire Department for Power Outages?

For power outages contact Eversource at 1-800-592-2000.  For hazardous conditions such as power lines down or fire involving electrical equipment - call 911.

What Happened to the Fire Horn?

Since the demolition of the old public safety building, the fire department no longer uses the fire horn on top of town hall to summon on-call firefighters to the station.  Department personnel have radios, pagers, and e-dispatch options.