Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Tour the Station?

We frequently offer tours to school groups and residents.  Please call our business line at 508-359-2323.

How Many Firefighters Does Medfield Have?

We currently have 12 full time firefighters and 15 on-call firefighters. 3 full time personnel are assigned to each shift (with a minimum of 2 on duty at the station 24/7). On-call personnel are summoned to the station for emergency calls when needed. At least 1 firefighter per shift is a paramedic - all other firefighters on shift are EMT's.

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Does Medfield Have Paramedics?

Medfield Fire staffs 1 ambulance - now at the Advanced Life Support / Paramedic level as of 11/30/18. 

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Can I Burn Brush in my Yard?

Outdoor burning of brush is generally allowed January 15 - April 30 depending on conditions.  A permit from the Fire Department is required and residents must call the station at 508-359-2323 the day they plan to burn brush.


Should I Call the Fire Department for Power Outages?

For power outages contact Eversource at 1-800-592-2000.  For hazardous conditions such as power lines down or fire involving electrical equipment - call 911.

Will the Ambulance Transport Me to the Hospital of My Choice?

As an emergency ambulance service - state protocols mandate that we transport patients to the nearest appropriate facility.  While our EMT's and Paramedics try to accommodate patient requests, certain facilities have capabilities other hospitals may not (such as a cardiac cath lab, pediatrics, OB, stroke center, trauma center, etc) and EMS personnel generally cannot bypass one hospital Emergency Department in favor of one further away.  Additionally, given our small number of on duty staff we do our best to return to service as soon as possible to be available for additional calls.   Each scenario is unique and our personnel will evaluate and determine what will provide the best care for the patient within state and department guidelines.